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SUPERHOG is the leading global digital trust platform for the vacation rental industry.

SUPERHOG enables a growing ecosystem of hosts, operators and guests to make their online activity safer, providing a tech-based AI-supported toolkit including: 

  • Biometric recognition
  • ID verification
  • Screening technology
  • Embedded protection (£1,000,000 guarantee + damage deposit)

Automated Guest and risk management

Our integration with OwnerRez allows Hosts and Operators to benefit from SUPERHOG's industry-leading protection and our globally accessible, tech-based AI-supported toolkit to help maximize revenue and minimize risk.


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The benefits of connecting SUPERHOG to OwnerRez

gold standard

Gold standard

Using SUPERHOG certifies your business as a trust leader

new revenue

Create new revenue

Monetise and solve one of your biggest problems - trust

reduce hassle

Reduce hassle

Our resolutions team supports post-booking damage events

Globally trusted by property managers