The all-in-one guest screening and booking protection solution for vacation rentals

SUPERHOG combines intelligent ID and biometric verification with comprehensive damage protection and deposit/damage waiver collection, providing a SaaS solution that protects your properties at every stage of a vacation rental booking.

superhog guest screening and booking protection

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Our Know Your Guest (KYG) checks, automatic booking protection and deposit/damage waiver collection can easily be implemented into your pre- or post-booking journey

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Know Your Guests

SUPERHOG uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to create a seamless ID verification process that reduces transaction friction and deters fraud.

We establish the genuine identity of your guests through our Know Your Guest (KYG) checks, which combine biometric checks and government-issued document verification automatically in real-time.

Protect your properties

SUPERHOG's booking protection is unmatched in the vacation rental industry.

With our Advanced Screening solution, for every verified booking our Host Guarantee is automatically activated, providing protection in relation to guest damages from $500 up to $5,000,000.

SUPERHOG automatic damage protection
SUPERHOG damage waiver process

Streamline your operations

Our automated deposit & damage waiver collection combines with our guest screening, providing a single frictionless guest journey that gives you the resources to deal with accidental guest damages quickly and effectively.

You set the amount, we deal with the admin and handling. Simple.

Import your listings & bookings

Our integration with Smoobu allows you to effortlessly import your listings and bookings into your SUPERHOG dashboard. 

From your dashboard, you'll be able to see an overview of all your listings protected by SUPERHOG and the verification status of your guests.

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How SUPERHOG works

Our verification process has been designed to be as quick and frictionless as possible

Know your guests


SUPERHOG will contact your guests before a booking starts through our automated messaging service, providing them with their unique verification link.

Alternatively, you can use our One Step Link. You simply include it in your booking confirmation to guests. Please ask our sales team for more information on this during your demo.


Guests are asked to upload a copy of their government-issued ID and provide a selfie.

Our system then reads the images provided, checking for any irregularities, modifications, and is checked against our database of known identity fraud tactics, establishing if they are legitimate and match the person in the selfie provided. 


Once SUPERHOG's checks have been completed and the guest is verified, if you choose to add on our Advanced Screening and Deposit/Damage Waiver, our Host Guarantee will be automatically activated and we'll collect the deposit/waiver on your behalf.

Wherever your guests are, we've got you covered

SUPERHOG’s industry-leading booking protection and deposit/waiver solution are available globally.

If a verified guest causes damage, our expert in-house resolutions team will be on hand to support you through every step of our process to get you reimbursed.

You’ll be taking bookings again in no time.

superhog is available globally

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Frequently asked questions

Which booking channels does SUPERHOG work with?

Unlike major OTA’s who don’t share verifications or reviews with other platforms, SUPERHOG is able to provide a centralised database where Hosts will be notified of bad Guests, reducing the risk of damage being caused.

SUPERHOG is therefore able to work with any platform you use.

Is SUPERHOG available in my country?

Yes. SUPERHOG operates globally, with a few restrictions.

Please view our Host Guarantee or our Guest Guarantee to see where SUPERHOG is not available.

Who will help me get started?

After filling out the demo form below, one of our expert sales team members will reach out with a link to book a demo call. They will then walk you through and explain the entire product and answer any questions you may have.

Our onboarding team will then help you out with your account set up and then you’re good to go!

Does every guest attached to a booking get verified?

We verify the lead guest only, but if they have 3 or fewer reviews, we will need to identify other guests within their party.

Do I still need home insurance if I use SUPERHOG?


SUPERHOG is not an insurance provider and having valid Home/Property and Liability insurance is a requirement of our guarantees.

Does SUPERHOG become my underlying home insurer?

No. SUPERHOG itself is not an insurance provider so you should continue to purchase appropriate Home/Property and Liability insurance for the relevant property.

SUPERHOG‘s Host Guarantee only relates to damage caused by guests during a booking/stay.

If your property is subject to damage caused outside of a booking and not directly by a guest, then SUPERHOG can not help you and you should make a claim on your home/property insurance policy.

Tailor our solutions for you and your business

Combine our solutions with our guest screening to suit your needs

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Know Your Guests.

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  • Guest detail capture
  • ID verification
  • Biometric validation
  • Database checks

SUPERHOG Advanced 

Protect your properties.

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  • Email verification
  • Mobile verification
  • Address verification
  • Payment card validation
  • Counter fraud check
  • CCJ check
  • Insolvency check
  • $5,000,000 Host Guarantee

SUPERHOG Deposit/Waiver

Streamline your operations.

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  • Deposit collection
  • Deposit handling & refunding
  • Damage waiver collection
  • Covers accidental damage
  • Payment protected by 3D Secure
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Start verifying your guests and protecting your bookings

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