Why is SUPERHOG contacting me?

Had an email or text from SUPERHOG? Find out why, here.

If SUPERHOG has contacted you, this will be due to your upcoming booking or relating to your booking validation process. Your Host has chosen SUPERHOG as their trust and safety partner and we require a small amount of input from you in order to complete this process in advance of your upcoming booking/trip. 

We support Hosts and bookings on all booking platforms, including Airbnb and booking.com, and your help in completing our straightforward booking validation process, before your booking starts, would be a great help. 

You will first be contacted by SUPERHOG when your booking has been added to the system. SUPERHOG will then also contact you through email reminders or SMS messaging if the booking validation has not been completed before your stay. This will be in the week leading up to your trip.


Here is an example of one of the emails you will receive:


Email Communication

If you have any further questions as to why SUPERHOG is contacting you, please get in touch with your Host.

Alternatively, ask us at hello@superhog.com if you can't find the answers you are looking for in our knowledge base.